Pioneer Djm 750 Mixer

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Pioneer DJM 750 Mixer

The Pioneer DJM-750 is a four-channel digital mixer and is the industry standard DJ mixer for a lot of clubs. The DJM-750 features colour FX including Noise, Jet, Crush, and Filter with the ability to adjust these FX using the new "Boost Colour" knob.. The Pioneer DJM-750 also has a number of beat FX including: Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Roll, and many more professional FX.
The DJM-750 from Pioneer is the ideal mixer for the professional DJ in the club environment.

NEW Boost Colour FX combines multiple FX control in a single knob
Boost Colour FX lets DJs engage and control Sound Colour FX and Beat FX all in one movement. Hitting the Boost FX button adds another layer of FX to the Sound Colour FX, and DJs can manipulate the parameters of both FX together depending on how fast they twist the large chrome knob.

Improved Beat FX with Level/Depth control
DJs can access 13 Beat FX, including the new VINYL BRAKE and the improved ROLL. The Level/Depth dial adjusts the wet/dry mix, while DJs can control the tempo with the BEAT LEFT/RIGHT buttons and manual Time control.

Integrated USB four-channel sound card for easy connection to DJ software
The DJM-750 has a high-performance 24-bit/96 kHz sound card on-board, which enables simultaneous input and output of four channels1 with no deterioration of sound quality as it passes through the mixer.
Connection to PCs or laptops therefore requires just one USB cable, so DJs can start mixing with DJ software immediately.2
Support for three sampling rates (96 kHz/48 kHz/44.1 kHz) and ASIO/Core Audio standards means the DJM-750 can also be used for music production and recording.
Pioneer’s user-friendly interface launches soon as the mixer is connected to a computer, so DJs can tweak the mixer settings to their preference.

High-quality audio circuits for pristine sound
The DJM-750 inherits the same 32-bit digital signal processor as Pioneer’s club-standard DJM-900nexus to suppress digital noise. A 24-bit A/D converter digitises and enhances sound.